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Referring to a work you were inspired from seems like a no brainer, but yet is the most important task of a research work to justify the minor plagiarism available in your thesis/dissertations. There are various different citation styles adapted by researchers for giving away the credit to individuals for their work. A proper citation style guidance is provided to authors according to their university norms.

Why is it important?

  1. Proper citation on a work brings with it better verification of it.
  2. Citation practice shows your professional skills as a researcher.
  3. Better writing skills is a product of good citation practice.
  4. Fact checking for a person reading your work becomes easy.
  5. More people will cite your work more, seeing where you started from.

Different Citation across the Globe

  • IEEE : It stands for The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.
  • APA : It stands for American Psychological Association
  • MLA : It stands for Modern Languages Association.
  • ACS : It stands for American Chemical Society
  • APSA : It stands for American Political Science Association.
  • AP : It stands for Associated Press and is used for journalism.
  • CSE : It is formed by the Council of Science Editors.
  • END NOTE : It is developed by Thompson Reuters.
  • TURABIAN : It is similar to the Chicago style.
  • CHICAGO : It is very well suitable for social sciences and humanities.
  • HARVARD : It is used commonly in the universities of UK.

Citation Generator

Select the format and click on select. You will get the form that will generate citation for your paper.

What is plagiarism?

The most common offense under the Academic Code of Conduct is plagiarism, which defines as "Using someone else’s work in their own work without the proper consent, acknowledgment, or without a proper citation".

Why to remove plagiarism?

When a research scholar begins to write a thesis/research paper, their own ideas or the actual content is far less than the length they are asked to submit. As a result, the added literature and other content increase the Similarity index/Plagiarism value. This should be removed for the acceptance of the work.

How to check plagiarism?

There are a number of free platforms available to check the similarity value of a document online. You can use them for a quick idea about your Similarity index/Plagiarism value. However, these free platforms are unreliable as they provide reports that are not accepted by many universities. It is suggested to get your plagiarism checked by authentic software only.

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