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The rise of AI-generated content poses new challenges for academic integrity. To address this, we introduce our specialized AI Report service, designed to detect and highlight AI-generated content in your academic documents.

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  • University Acceptance: Our reports are accepted by most universities.Word Count Acceptable:  300 to 15000 words

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The Importance of Checking AI Score

Checking the AI Percentage as a scholar is very important, no matter if you’re studying for a bachelor’s, master’s, post-graduate, or even a doctoral degree. This percentage shows how original your work is and makes sure you haven’t accidentally used ideas or content from other sources without giving them credit. By keeping a low AI Percentage, scholars maintain the integrity and credibility of their research. In the academic world, following these standards is essential because it not only shows the authenticity of your work but also helps build trust within the scholarly community.


Indeed, AI-generated content is detectable.

Not necessarily. Although we often receive the AI value for many documents, there are instances where the AI value may not be visible or calculated.

Yes, you can now easily download your AI report

Yes, you can reduce the AI value of your document. However, we strongly recommend against using paraphrasing tools for this purpose. Instead, manual rewriting of the content in your own words is the recommended approach.

No, there is no safe method to deceive or manipulate the AI value.

Yes, it is advisable to examine the AI value, especially if you have utilized online tools to create your paper. In such cases, there may be a higher likelihood of an AI value indicating potential plagiarism.

There is no universally acceptable range for the AI (plagiarism) value. However, to avoid negative implications, the AI value should ideally be maintained at 0%, indicating originality and proper citation.

 In AI reports, specifically those generated by Turnitin, an asterisk (*) signifies text generated by AI. In this context, (*) serves as a reminder that when scores are low, there's a higher chance of false positives, meaning results might be incorrect.

A Note on Turnitin AI Value

This AI feature is continually evolving. As a result, the AI value may vary if the same document is checked at a later time, whether at a university or elsewhere. As a new feature, it aims to detect AI-generated content. However, being in its nascent stages, it might sometimes display a “–” as the AI value. This score indicates that Turnitin couldn’t determine a similarity score for the document. While some documents might show a zero, others might only display “—”.

Fee Structure

AI reports fee depends upon the pages in your document, please check the details below :

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0-5 98 2
6-10 119 3
11-15 149 5
16-20 179 6
21-50 199 8
51-100 229 8
101-150 249 8
151-200 299 8
200 plus 349 8
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