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Research Experts provides manual Plagiarism Removal services in which we help students/scholars and researchers alike to remove plagiarism from their research work (Thesis, Research Papers, Dissertation and other research work). Our team of 27 highly skilled PhD/Doctorate degree holder experts reduce plagiarism less than 10% by properly re-writing and paraphrasing the content manually.

On-time Delivery

Receive your report on or before the delivery date.

Content Safety

Your content is always safe and cannot be shared.

No Tricks Used

Get an expert to work on your document to reduce plagiarism without any tricks.

100% Quality Assurance

Our expert manually paraphrase the content with the actual meaning intact.

100% Confidentiality

Your content never be shared or stored anywhere.

No Database

None of your documents will be saved to any database or repository

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Plagiarism report ree depends upon the pages in your document, please the details below.

No. of Pages INR () USD ()
0-10 17781 2
11-20 23698 3
21-50 354117 4
51-100 472152 5
101-250 590176 8
251-400 826235 10
400 plus 1180294 15
Fastest and Authentic
  • Please upload files in the English language only. This service can check other languages also, but the reliability of the report is not assured.
  • Please upload only typed text files in MS Word, PDF, Latex files etc. Please do not upload scanned images of books, notes etc.