Plagiarism Check Process

Once we receive your document, we will submit it on Turnitin to generate the plagiarism report. Most reports are delivered within 30 minutes.

Note: Large files with more than 70 pages may take more time.

How does a Turnitin plagiarism report look like? 

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Add your project (docx,doc,pdf file/s) to receive your plagiarism report

*NOTE: Make sure to choose exact number of pages, in case number of pages will be greater than you choose to pay then no report will be delivered as well as no refund will be given.

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How to calculate number of pages?

Font Line Spacing Margins (L-T-R-B)
Times New Roman (12pt) 1.5 Left: 1.5" Top: 1" Right: 1" Bottom: 1"
The above-mentioned setting is what we use as the standard formatting specifications to calculate the total number of pages to estimate the cost for both plagiarism checking and reducing the similarity index. Use the above-given specifications to format your file and then use the total page numbers generated in the file to calculate your fee.
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Plagiarism Check Fee

Research Experts provided a standard fee to get the plagiarism report or similarity index report of your thesis, paper, synopsis, dissertation, and other academic documents.

Page Size INR () USD ()
Upto 50 300 5
50-100 400 7
100-250 500 9
250-400 700 11
400 plus 1000 15
Excluding of applicable taxes. (18% GST)