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Research Experts provides authentic, 100% accurate and original Plagiarism Check report. We only use highly reliable, authentic, and paid tools for plagiarism check which is acceptable in all academic institutions and university across the globe..

How We Check Plagiarism

Once we receive your file one of our team members will contact you about plagiarism value/similarity index in your document after checking your file for plagiarism in our authentic tool. You will get your plagiarism report within 30 minutes of after the payment.

Note:: Sometimes on larger files with more than 50-70 pages the delivery time may increase as per the size of the file and please note that the delivery is only possible within working hours. Also to check plagiarism a certain format will be used in your document which might increase the number of pages in your file.


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Plagiarism Check Fee

Research Experts provided a standard fee to get the plagiarism report or similarity index report of your thesis, paper, synopsis, dissertation, and other academic documents.

Page Size INR () USD ()
Upto 50 300 5
50-100 400 7
100-250 500 9
250-400 700 11
400 plus 1000 15
Excluding of applicable taxes. (18% GST)

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For any kind of query or problem regarding report delivery, delay in delivery, payment failure, not receiving any notification etc, don’t panic contact us anytime within working hours our team is always there to help.

What is plagiarism?

The most common offense under the Academic Code of Conduct is plagiarism, which defines as "Using someone else’s work in their own work without the proper consent, acknowledgment, or without a proper citation".

Why to remove plagiarism?

When a research scholar begins to write a thesis/research paper, their own ideas or the actual content is far less than the length they are asked to submit. As a result, the added literature and other content increase the Similarity index/Plagiarism value. This should be removed for the acceptance of the work.

How to check plagiarism?

There are a number of free platforms available to check the similarity value of a document online. You can use them for a quick idea about your Similarity index/Plagiarism value. However, these free platforms are unreliable as they provide reports that are not accepted by many universities. It is suggested to get your plagiarism checked by authentic software only.

Plagiarism Services
Research Experts understands the difficulty of research paper writing and offers credible assistance, which will make the order of Plagiarism Check & Removal Service process easier and more efficient. Our materials are accepted in International Journals at a success rate of 99%.

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