Best/Easy Ways to Remove Plagiarism

Plagiarism is nothing but just a fear of blank page”. It means when you start writing a document with no content, you are left with no other option than gathering the data from many sources for any kind of research just to overcome the fear of this Blank Page, but did you think about plagiarism? OF COURSE NOT!


It is difficult to get plagiarism free data. Plagiarism means to steal or copy someone’s data, work, ideas either it is published or unpublished, Plagiarism can never be tolerated. Many universities and colleges have specified their regulations to control plagiarism. As per the latest letter of UGC, conditions of plagiarism for successful thesis submission are available here.

For any thesis submission, it is mandatory to make it plagiarism free. So here through this article, we are giving some best/easy ways to remove plagiarism.

Create your own ideas

The very first and the best way to remove plagiarism is to write the content in your own way, using your own ideas and creative skills. Being a good writer, it is your responsibility to create the content at your own, as by creating your own material you will surely get 100% unique content.

Consult with your guide

It is always advisable to contact your supervisor/ mentor/ guide to discuss the problem of plagiarism. Their experience of years do matter and they can suggest a better way to write your content. Instead of hiding it, it is best to discuss with your guide.


Citation is basically a way to give proper credits to the person whose content you are taking. The citation includes the author’s name, date, publication name, DOI, etc. and is also known as references. Your references or citation should be in proper format among the various pre describe formats available like American Psychological Association (APA), Modern Language Association (MLA), and Chicago/Turabian style, etc. if you are doing proper citation it can reduce the plagiarism but it cannot remove completely.

Online tools to check and remove Plagiarism

Nowadays, technology is the solution to every problem and the same as in the case of Plagiarism. There is a number of online tools available to check and remove plagiarism that enable us to find the copied content from a verified source and help us to remove the accidental or intentional plagiarism. There is no such tool available which can make your content creative keeping its originality. It is not advisable to use such these tools as these can degrade the quality of content.

By using vocabulary

It is the best way to remove plagiarism. Text written in the document should be replaced with their alternative word or we can say with their synonyms also help to get rid of plagiarism. For example, if someone is using the word ‘Bribe’ in their work than we can be replaced with ‘Suborn’ or ‘Lure’. No doubt, it is a better way to reduce the plagiarism but it cannot remove it properly because we cannot find synonyms and antonyms of every word in the text and which can properly fit there without changing the meaning of the content.

Rearranging the order of the words

By shuffling or rearranging the order of words in any sentence can also help to remove plagiarism. Rearranging of the words is mandatory to be done wisely. It can make your content senseless. It is one of the ways can be used if the similarity index is not really high.

As discussed above there are so many ways to remove plagiarism if done wisely. Plagiarism is always a matter of worry and strictness towards it is increasing every day and it is a must.  Writing a thesis or collecting the data for the thesis is not really an easy job and after completion when you find it plagiarised, all your efforts are in vain. We have a team of Experts helping researchers in dealing with this serious problem of plagiarism. For more guidance related to plagiarism removal, you can talk to our experts here.