Citation and Formatting of Final File,

Citation and Formatting of Final File

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To present your final work it has to be unique(plagiarism-free). Credible along with the actual thought/idea to or to be reflective from your content mainly involves a long process along with the following two main processes which are Citation and Formatting.

Why citation is important?

Citation – It is termed as the reference provided to any published or unpublished section of work to mainly acknowledge the relevance of other persons work. And to maintain the intellectual authenticity to avoid any kind of plagiarism in your work.

  • Citation brings a clear verification of your content in a professional way.  Which reflects your working skills as a researcher in which you honestly give credit to other researchers by acknowledging their work. It provides a view within the body of your complete content.
  • A proper citation helps in avoiding plagiarism.
  • There are many citations formats.  Which are in use globally such as IEEE, APA, MLA, ACS, APSA, AP, CSE, CHICAGO, HARVARD, ENDNOTE, TURABIAN.

Formatting of the Paper

Formatting – The process of formatting the final content depends as per the instructions of the student’s college/university. As every college/university has their own format in which students have to publish/submit their research papers/thesis. Proper formatting makes your content easily readable and understandable.

  • Abstract
  • Table of contents
  • List of figures
  • Table of tables
  • List of abbreviations

For any paper to get published like a true work of a researcher needs a lot of efforts. Through your final paper/thesis submission with proper Citation and Formatting, you are showcasing your skills as a researcher. To reach the final phase of submitting is quite tough and surely it will take your time and full efforts. For students, it’s quite difficult to maintain their research/thesis work since starting along with other college tasks.

First to last page formatting also goes through the “Grammar Check Services” and then creates a “Print-Ready file (mirror & non-mirror margins). Either on a single page or double page respectively as per the college/ university format.

Therefore, to make your content more readable and easy to understand a proper citation and formatting is a must. And we as Research Experts always believe in these two important processes to bring you a reliable and unique content.

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