UGC Approved Thesis and How to Write it.

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In India, most organizations work under UGC to approve students post-graduation to represent a good thesis work, the thesis must be clear, definite, and have a logical structure according to a set pattern approved by UGC. For any formal thesis writing, it’s necessary to make it presentable by focusing on its layout and physical appearance.

The very first thing to keep in mind during forming a UGC approved thesis work is to complete it in the provided format only.  Format consistency adoption along with strictly following the additional instructions represents the scholarly work of the student more efficiently.

Guidelines for UGC Approved Thesis

Typewriting of Thesis

  • Typewriting of the thesis work should always be on an A4 size sheet having dimensions 21 cm X 29.7 cm.
  • The font must be vivid and clear. Use a similar font in the entire thesis and as per in the instruction given by university/college format.
  • Proper spacing in paragraphs provides an intended view.
  • Keep noticing errors: grammatical, spelling, punctuation, sentence making.
  • Keep the focus on the acceptable value of plagiarism as instructed by the university/college.

Chapters and Pages

  • Use numerals (1, 2, 3….) at the bottom in the center of the pages to number all the pages.
  • Use roman numerals for the preliminary pages in the lower-case to number front pages.
  • All the new chapters to begin from a new page.
  • Align all the chapter headings in the center.
  • The displaying page of chapter title must be placed at the beginning of the chapter.
  • Always avoid typing any heading near the page bottom or at the end of a page.

Tables and Figures

  • Title and numbering along with the data caption that clearly describes the nature of table and figure.
  • Illustrate the caption at the bottom of the table and figure and on the same page.
  • The text description must be above and on the same page related to any table, figure, and graph.

Headings and Subheadings

  • Keep the headings distinct by a larger font as compared to the whole text.
  • Maintain all the headings of the same level by using the same font and style.
  • Keep the headings aligned to the left side as the chapter headings remain in the center.
  • Numbering to the headings and subheadings must be provided if instructed.

Format of UGC Approved Thesis

Three main parts of the thesis format are:

Arrangement of Preliminaries

  1. Cover Page or Outer Cover should carry the details:
    • Title of Thesis
    • Student’s Name
    • Year of Thesis
    • Institute’s Logo
    • Name of the Institute
    • Guides name (optional)
  2. Title PageThe title page should have the following information in a specific order as per the instructions provided by college/university.
    • The complete title of the thesis ( in capital letters only)
    • Candidate’s name
    • Institute’s name
    • Year of submission
  3. Declaration
    • Under the declaration, students have to make a declaration of authority.
  4. Certificate by the Research Guide/ Co-Guide
    • Students have to attach the certificate provided by the guide or co-guide who helped them in their research work.
  5. Approval of Thesis
    • The approval page must be signed by the Guide/Co-Guide.
  6. Acknowledgment
    • Formally acknowledge all those who helped you technically, intellectually and financially for completing your thesis.
  7. Table of Contents
    • List all the chapter headings, section headings, sub-headings, and appendices along with their respective page numbers. Immediately after the table of the content page, make a list of figures, tables, and abbreviations on three different pages.

List of Figures

Add the columns under this:

List of Tables

Under this add the columns of:

  • Table No.
  • Title
  • Page No.

List of Abbreviations

Add all the used abbreviations used in the thesis which are unfamiliar to a reader and should be arranged in alphabetical order.


The summary of the thesis content is written in it as it has to be submitted before the submission of the thesis report. The synopsis must hold the cover page and the concise content of around 6 to 8 pages. Only list the background and objectives, methods, hypothesis, major findings, and significance.


Within the chapters arrange all the sub-headings in an orderly manner of their relation. Distinguish the headings and subheadings clearly during typing. The following information to be instructed within the text:

  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Design of Study
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Summary and Conclusion, Future scope (if any)
  • List of References


  • List the codes, screenshots, and appendices(if any).
  • List of Publications.

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