How to Select the Base Paper

How to Select the Base Paper?

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For any kind of research work, it’s very important to make good use of relevant sources for selecting Base Paper. A good source must have the power to provide complete and valid information which depends on the researcher the way he/she deriving information from it.


Resources for choosing the right sources

Any misleading information sources used by the researcher can completely vanish out the entire research work or efforts of a student. Therefore, it’s not as simple as it seems to be while forming base paper for the research work.

While selecting any sources which relate to your research work it’s initial step is only to check whether the information by the source of the data extraction from any source is acceptable or not? Does this source lead to any kind of misinformation?

Before following any sources for your research work, you must have to verify its information. Always remain stick to the correct and true information for your research work. Bad sources will always end your efforts badly. Although it’s not always possible that all the good sources hold relevant and true information as required. Sometimes the information provided by good sources could be outdated which can lag your reporting content and results in contradictions in your research work.

Take help from Librarian/Teacher

They have more knowledge regarding the availability of sources. You can simply take their help by discussing your research topic with them.

Using Google Scholar

Google Scholar is one of the trusted search tools for finding sources related to the research work. It gives an idea regarding the significance of research by providing numerical data for the number of times any particular academic work is cited. It also provides a complete list of research work carried out on one particular topic by various researchers all over the world.

Following Academia

It is a very useful social networking website for the work of academics. In academia, the user has to create an account and upload their work and can easily follow the research in a particular field. Through academia, the user can build his/her network with the people related to his/her same field of research work.

Discover through Research Gate

This site for researchers and scientists is one of the most preferable for any research work. Research Gate website has more active users than any other research-related website. Users have to register by making their profiles and upload their research work, proposals, data, chapters, etc.

A good representation of any research work mainly depends upon its sources. As high-quality sources reflect the correct information and can make you a good and valuable researcher.

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